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Important News   (Nov. 2014)
During the last weeks I did not make many updates because I spent plenty of time to elaborate a concept to make the site compatible with smartphones and tablets. After launching the site in 2005 the main structure never changed. Yet it was my intention to keep this structure and all contents. Nearly all of my videos came along as flash(.flv)-files embedded in a player which I provided for easy viewing. The new devices require different video standards and especially smartphones do not play embedded flash videos. Presently Html-5 and .mp4 has turned out to be the widest accepted standard. Therefore I have started to convert all video files to mp4 replacing the former flv-files. This will take some time until it will be completed. But some difficulties are remaining: Video files which are hosted at Mediafire or Spankingtube cannot be watched streaming because their players are not compatible with Html-5 so far. Also obsolete browsers and operating systems may not support Html-5. Therefore I provide an additional download link with every video. Mediafire offers this option too. Larger video files which are hosted at Mega.co.nz remain available for download only. Download via smartphone requires a special App which I did not try.
By end of December 2014 all videos will be converted and uploaded. Then I will also change the General Login. Please make note of it. Contact me in case of any difficulties and inform me about malfunctions or dead links. Thank you!
Michael Tapir
Welcome Friends and Spankers of Ebony Butts!
This homepage is dedicated to everything about spanking of black ladies. I adore those shapely and firm bums and enjoy to spank them, and nowhere in the world butt spanking is as popular and even still today practised as frequently as in Africa. This continent and it's females is a must for every lover of buttocks and spanking them. This is not because of racism and I do not consider spanking to be porn. During several years in the past I travelled to Black Africa and made my dreams come true. Unfortunately there were not many publications to be found dealing with ebonies. Perhaps it's because many friends of spankings want to see results of redness or welts. This is indeed difficult to be displayed on dark skin and there is always some problem with adequate light.
As I had established a huge collection of pictures and videos I launched this special private homepage to share my material with equal mindeds. Now I don't travel to Africa any longer, but during the last years the number of amateur and professional producers also from outside Africa has increased, and therefore I widened my content by reporting about other remarkable works too.
I love the female beauty and I do not want to destroy it, but I gain pleasure and excitement from it. Tears and injuries are not my thing, nor do I want to humiliate or embarrass my victims. A tight little panty or thong often means more than stark nakedness, because it arouses your own fantasy. I want the spankees to regard me as fatherly friend to whom they always would return deliberately, well aware what kind of treatment their bum would have to expect!
My spankings are not so hard, but sexy without intercourse, porn or bondage. There are no minors involved and all models were never forced or harassed but participated voluntarily and had fun.

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Michael Tapir

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  Wegen starker Anfeindungen und unzutreffender Beschuldigungen gegen mich und meine Webseite in der deutschen Spankingszene gibt es hier keinen deutschen Text mehr. Bitte benutzt einen Internet Übersetzer.
  Bienvenu amis et fesseurs des fesses d'ébéne
Cette page d'accueil est dédiée à tout ce qui concerne la fessée de dames noires. J'adore leur fesses galbés et fermes et aime de leur donner la fessée, et dans nulle part du monde le cul et la fessée est encore aussi populaire et même pratiquée aujourd'hui aussi souvent que en Afrique. Ce continent et ces femmes est un devoir pour tous les amis de fesses et de les fesser. Ce n'est pas à cause du racisme et je ne considère pas la fessée à être porn. Pendant plusieurs années dans le passé je me suis rendu à l'Afrique noire et fait mes rêves devenu réalité. Malheureusement, il n'y avait pas beaucoup de publications sur cet sujet. C'est peut-être parce que beaucoupamis de fessées veulent voir des résultats de rougeur ou zébrures. Ceci est en effet difficile à afficher sur la peau foncée et il est toujours un problème avec la lumière adéquate.
Parce que je l'avais ramassé une énorme collection de photos et de vidéos, j'ai lancé ce site privé spécial a laisser partager ceux qui aiment ça aussi. Maintenant, je ne voyage pas à l'Afrique plus, mais au cours des dernières années, le nombre de producteurs commerciaux et amateurs également dehors de l'Afrique a augmenté, et donc je rapporte au sujet d'autres œuvres remarquables aussi.
J'aime la beauté féminine et je ne veux pas détruire, mais je gagne le plaisir et l'excitation de celui-ci. Les larmes et les blessures ne sont pas mon truc, et je ne veux jamais humilier ou embarrasser mes victimes. Une petite culotte serré ou string signifie souvent plus comme nudité compléte, car il suscite votre propre imagination. Je veux que les femmes considérent moi comme ami paternel à qui ils veulent toujours retourner volontairement, bien conscients quelle traitement leur fesses vont recevoir!
Mes fessées sont pas si dur, mais sexy sans rapports sexuels, la pornographie ou la bondage. Il n'y a pas de mineurs impliqués et tous les modèles n'ont jamais é,té forcés mais ont volontairement participé et se sont amusés.