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Oldtapir - Ebony Spanking
Welcome to Oldtapir, the specialist in Black Girl Spanking!
    ...and a special welcome to all visitors from Africa!  With great pleasure I am observing an increasing number of visitors from all parts of Africa. Thank you very much for your interest in my site! How about contributing some material? You will be rewarded with a free password. Please contact me at oldtapir@yahoo.de.
Hello to all friends of girl spanking! (Read also the editorial below!)
I specialized in spanking black girls. It's not because of racism, but because African bums are so shapely and firm like made for spanking, and nowhere in the world butt spanking is as popular and even still today practised as frequently as in Africa. This continent and it's females is a must for every lover of buttocks and spanking them. Unfortunately there are not many publications to be found dealing with black girls. Perhaps it's because many friends of spankings want to see results of redness or welts. This is indeed difficult to be displayed on dark skin and there is always some problem with adequate light.
During more than 15 years I regularly visited Black Africa to make my ideas come true. I established an enormous collection of private videos and pics. In the beginning it proved somewhat difficult: my equipment and my language was not at it's best, but now has gradually improved. Nearly all of my photos are stills from my videos. This permits to select the best picture and the most impressive moment.
Those of you who have or had similar experience are invited to write me about it. I will be delighted by every email. But please don't ask me for travelling advice and how to find girls and if I might introduce some to you. All my actresses are more or less amateurs, but in Africa you never know exactly, and of course you have to pay them. But nowhere on earth you will get things like this for free.
I am never brutal or perverted. I love the female beauty and I do not want to destroy it, but I gain pleasure and excitement from it. Tears and injuries are not my thing, nor do I want to humiliate or embarrass my victims. A tight little panty or thong often means more than stark nakedness, because it arouses your own fantasy. I want the girls to regard me as fatherly friend to whom they always would return deliberately, well aware what kind of treatment their bum would have to expect!
Sorry, you need password to view all pictures and videos!
In the meantime I find contents from my homepage also at different places. This is a violation of my copyright. It is not allowed to publish or pass on those contents (in original or modified) without my permission. You should better recommend my URL! Unfortunately I don't know all sites or groups, or don't have admition to where this material is posted. Therefore from now on the access to my pictures and videos is only possible with password (INFO!) As not to disappoint my visitors, some picture albums and video samples are still "free".
But in my opinion I am already showing plenty of free stuff, and it would only be fair to make a contribution for ordering a password or videos for the benefit of the girls in return of the pleasure you find.
Michael Tapir       


Hi Friends!
Some years ago I launched this site to deal with spanking black girls. As I am a freak of this subject myself, I have collected plenty of own material which I wanted to share with you, as well as I liked to give notice of other publications of this kind.
I did this out of personal fun, but also to make my videos known, which you only will find here. As it is very private material, I protected many contents by password. This was not for commercial purpose, but to prevent from abuse and theft and I will keep up this concept in the future. I still have plenty of new material, which I will continue to edit on DVDs or for downloading, and I will inform you about it at this place.
Michael Tapir       

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