June 2012
More Spankings of Coed Brooke   (reviewed and assembled by Michael Tapir)
After frequent web research during the last weeks I am presenting you some more news about black coed Brooke spanked by Headmaster Ken. In two earlier reports "Spanked black Coed Brooke" and "Headmaster Ken spanks Brooke" I already presented you plenty of pics and videosamples of this beautiful girl under severe and real spanking dicsipline by very experienced spanker Headmaster Ken. Everything I have watched is absolutely great and I approve to 100%. A sweet sexy model like Brooke and a strict disciplinarian is a rarely to find ideal couple in the spanking scene. I must not tell you again how much I appreciate those realistic punishments and there is a deep thanks to Headmaster Ken for creating and sharing these mouthwatering and exciting videos.
As a matter of fact it is only natural that the girls try to run away to escape from the severe punishments of the headmaster. But he is vigilant and catches the girls from the road bringing them back in his van. Inside there is just an immediate initial punishment spanking and later back home there is more. Also Brooke is in trouble as she dared to run away, and you may participate by watching the following pics and videoclip. This is just the beginning of Brooke's punishment, members of oldtapir may watch an extended version (P) and also a Picture Gallery which also includes the proceedings at home.
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It is somewhat strange that Brooke does not wear any panties though she has left the house. Of course for headmaster it is very comfortable to slap her bare behind after he has pulled down her pants. In earlier vids she was wearing panties more often under her miniskirt and she has such a damned good looking sexy pantyass! I would like to see more spankings to start over panties and to finish on the bare, but this is only my personal attitude and does not lessen the quality of the spankings.
Despite this severe punishment here is also one more running away of Brooke with the following punishment. Watch some assorted pics and a short sample video:
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If you are such a great fan of Brooke like me and cannot get enough of watching her ordeals, I recommend to buy the video "Brooke's Day of Punishment" which is available at Clips4sale. Furthermore you may visit an additional site where I am introducing my favored videos of Brooke. Read the short description of this video as given by Headmaster Ken:
Here you will see Brooke being punished several times in one day. This is characteristic of the punishment that the girls receive at the Academy. When they are spanked, they are not just spanked once and let go, they are repeatedly spanked to make sure that they understand what they are to learn, and to punish them hard. A great spanking movie!
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Besides Brooke there are many more models to be seen at "SpankedCoeds". Just recently there is a new black girl called "April" appearing. She is somewhat taller than Brooke (longer legs) but nevertheless as spankable as her. Below I will post an initial sample clip of her "orientation" spanking and some pics. If she will not run away successfully, I suppose that there will be many more nice videos from her in the future. So keep an eye on the pages which I recommend below. Here are the samples:
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You may enlarge all pictures by click. Enjoy!
Visit the following links to learn more about Headmaster Ken and his work:
 User Director4U at Spankingtube
 Spanked Coeds Blog (unfortunately no recent updates)
and last but not least these sites:
 Be one step ahead! Members of oldtapir will get more information, pictures and videos! 

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