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Jul. 2011  
30 Cane Strokes (Resolved by corporal Punishment)  (by Michael Tapir)
I am reporting about a video of a black girl receiving a punishment of 30 strokes with the cane which I found recently. I don't know from where it originates because there in no title and no branding on it and it ends apruptly after the 29th stroke. Also the quality is not of modern standard although it came along in DVD-mpg mode. It looks to me like it has been converted from an old VHS cassette and some of you might perhaps remember to have it seen earlier. The spanking is classic English style, bent over a small table, panties down and 30 well delivered strokes across juicy black ass cheeks. The culprit has to count the strokes and despite the inferior picture quality there are visible marks to be seen.
This is a very exciting action and it should not be missed in the collection of every fan of black girl spanking. To give you a rough impression of what to expect I add a couple of stills:
Now I know that this video is from Ravenhillstudios from their series "Resolved by Corporal Punishment". It is case #8, culprit Stacey. This is the theme of the video: girls who have got into financial troubles may pay off there debt by accepting corporal punishment. Therefore the original video is much longer than the short caning sequence at the end. In the fulltime video there is an introduction, a 5-minutes otk-handspanking followed by another 5-minutes paddling and finally the 30 canestrokes. The runtime of this video is more about 28 min.
You may watch a short sample clip of the caning scene at the right.
A better choice will be to download the complete video (28min, 121MB) from an external file sharing server. I found the link just recently and pass it on to Members.
The quality of the video is not excellent, I think it has been copied from an old VHS recording. But it is still better than the extract at the right.
Find it at page Videos 3, "Resolved by CP"
or go strictly to the Download Link (Password required).
Video not playing? Download file
I found one more video from the series 'Resolved by Corporal Punishment' where a black lady submits to a beating. At Ravenhillstudios it is listed as case #13. The runtime of the complete video is approximately one hour, but much time is taken by introduction, discussions etc. The proceeding of the spankings is similar to that in case #8 except for the final punishment which is very remarkable. Usually a thorough and longer lasting spanking ends up with a caning. In this case it is not the cane but a thin and whippy twig. In my opinion this is much more stinging and effective because it is more elastic and adapts better to the excellent roundness of the bottom of this culprit. I might say that this implement is my absolute favorite, though unfortunately we find it very rarely. The reason may be that it splits easily and that its fast movements are difficult to display in a video and nearly impossible in pictures. Nevertheless I add some stills from this action and you may well regard the marks it has left (pics can be enlarged by click):
Members may find more on page Videos 3, "CP case 13"

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