June 2008
    New Editions from Tartarus Videos (reviewed by Michael Tapir)
    Cherice's Real Punishment
    Well known Chérie is again calling for a new spanking session. Remembering her previous meetings we have seen a gradual increase in severity. But "sunny-funny" minded Chérie seems to have forgotten about the pain she suffered, and so she dates again for one of her severest ever bottom beatings. She gets into the initial conversation giggling and joking, though she knows what she will have to expect within the next half hour. But uncomplicated girls like her seem to forget quickly, she is young and tough, and upon request she tells that the pain in her bum would go away after some 2 hours or so.
    This time the classic English spanking may perhaps provide her a longer lasting memory. There is no longer that initial handspanking, but she has to start completely naked lying over the lap of her master. And his hands are doing a very good warmup job alternating from cheek to cheek and from up to down. The hand is replaced by the slipper, the noise of the smacks increases and proves this well done preparation for the following step.
    Bent over a stool she now has to endure the tawse. It's a long one and her master has to fling it back wide to deliver straight and forceful cuts across her cheeks. For Chérie's part there is still no crying, but a lot of rubbing her cheeks, and when the camera is zooming in, we notice an increase of a rosy glow in her (not raven black) ass.
    A comletely new experience for her is the wooden paddle. This is doing good work simultaneously on both globes and prepares her bottom well for the following caning. From earlier sessions she was already used to it, so her body remains calm, but she cannot help to groan slightly when the rattan meets her bum. Prepared like this she is not so much afraid when her master switches to a different cane, but this is far more whippy and stingy and makes her suffer quite a lot. After 25 strokes and a short (massage and rubbing) break the final ten are executed. The restart makes her cry out beastly and only the order to count these strokes makes her maintain her composure. This scene is one of my favourites; even if you got already some vids of Chérie, you should never miss this!
    As a special bonus a second camera is taking shoots of Chérie's punishment from the frontside. Her movements are very impressing though her face is not always clearly visible. All in all is's high quality recording and action.
    The following stills will give you a brief impression:
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