Nov. 2006
    Mapouka  (by Michael Tapir ©2006

    All of you know bellydance, but only few will know Mapouka. I will try to explain. Bellydance is the erotic presentation of the belly, moving and shaking it by dancing. Mapouka is the same for the bottom. It is a traditional way of dancing in West Africa, which today has become very famous also in discos. In Africa eroticism focusses very much on the buttocks. The ladies are highly aware of this attraction on men and know well how to present them especially in motion. In this dance they may wear traditional or modern clothes. They dance it standing, bent forward or nearly lying on the floor, but always shaking that bum. Often the whole body seems to stand still and they only keep those ass cheeks in seductive motion. For us it looks artistic, but African girls have a natural gift to control every single muscle of their body.

    Actually this dance is not related with spanking. But sometimes spectators are allowed to touch, and too kinky men may be thrown on the floor by the dancers, and they get on top of them with movements like pretending to have sex. Or they bring their shaking asses so close to a spectator's face that he has to tap on it just for protection. For the spanker this spectacle of course awakes utmost desires. Round and seductive African bums, no matter if covered or nearly bare, presented in a way of motion like begging to be slapped is the best appetizer. When they wear skirts you may often have a glimpse of their knickers, but this is not enough: They raise their skirts up to their waist or get completely rid of it.

    From Ivory Coast, the stronghold of Mapouka, I have brought along and posted two videoclips taken from local TV to give you a brief impression. Of course it is also popular in other African countries, although not welcome everywhere, as reported from Cameroon. (read this article)

    Also in Ivory Coast there are restrictions since 1998 as reported at "Wikipedia":
    "Le Mapouka, aussi connue sous le nom de Macouka, est une danse traditionnelle du Sud-Est de la Côte d'Ivoire dans la région de Dabou, parfois exécutée lors de cérémonies religieuses. Cette danse, par sa chorégraphie osée, pourrait faire croire qu'il s'agit de danse érotique. Dans les années 1980, des artistes ivoiriens ont tenté sans grand succès de la faire connaître. Un des groupes les plus connus est Les Tueuses de Mapouka. En 1998, le gouvernement ivoirien décide d'interdire sa diffusion. C'est, paradoxalement, suite à cette interdiction que la danse connaît une propagation très rapide dans les pays sub-sahariens."

    I was lucky to find ladies doing a private Mapouka perfomance for me, which I videotaped, and which allowed me to combine it with spanking. Watch some stills (click on pictures to enlarge with password!) from these sessions, but actually it has to come along in motion, with music, and of course for you and me with a spanking!

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